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Taking Your show To The Next level $$$ With Vignettes

YES! There is a way that you can syndicate your radio show and make money at the same time. Even if you don’t have time for sales or if sales is not one of your strengths. Just a few years ago if you weren’t on one of the multi national corporate networks you were locked out. In the last few years new technology has open up new opportunities and given talk shows the power to determine their own destiny.

My company Phoenix Broadcast has been syndicating radio shows for over 10 years. In that time the industry has drastically changed. With the advent of radio networks, multinational broadcasting companies and automation systems in local stations one of the best ways of marketing your radio show is with a vignette. A vignette that can easily be placed on better radio stations in bigger markets. These vignettes will allow radio stations' staff and their listeners the opportunity to become familiar with your show, thus you have a "foot in the door".

Vignettes are broadcast on weekdays; most stations on average will have ten times as many people listening on any given hour of a weekday as opposed to a Saturday or Sunday. Vignettes will open great new opportunities for you because they can be cleared on virtually any radio station, even if the station is not a talk or a news talk format. A lot of music-formatted stations will pick up a vignette.

Phoenix Broadcast is now exclusively marketing vignettes where our success in major markets is astounding. I have cleared vignettes on hundreds of better stations in bigger markets. We have an extensive list of over 1,900 radio stations that we contact. You can expect to pick up new affiliates each month. As an added benefit these new affiliates can be listed as part of your over all network, therefore you can charge sponsors accordingly. You will be able to answer that devastating question, Are you on any stations in big markets? You will be able to say YES! Phoenix Broadcast Consultants will handle the distribution of the vignettes; all you need to do is e-mail the vignettes for each weekday. Phoenix Broadcast has cleared vignettes on over 250 stations in one calendar year. 

Revenue Generating System

Yes you can make money with vignettes.

Phoenix Broadcast has developed a marketing campaign in order to generate revenue for our clients. I work with my clients to establish a subscriber operation that allows listeners the ability to subscribe in order to gain access to archived features, newsletters, blog and coupons (from sponsors or online companies). Phoenix Broadcast Consultants is archiving our clients vignettes on the Internet with MP3 capabilities. I'm also helping them establish a blog site and develop a newsletter. Phoenix Broadcast sends a link to our clients' Webmaster to facilitate the subscription operation (subscription operation can set up your for an extra fee).

The math is very simple: Two thousand subscribers at $5.00 a month generates an income of  $10,000.00 month; Two thousand subscribers at $29.00 a year will generate an income of $58,000.00 a year. (One show had 42 people subscribers in the first 24 hours after they began their MP3 broadcast.) This marketing campaign works best when conducted with Phoenix Broadcast syndication of vignettes. Vignettes drives listeners to the website where the website generates revenue. Monthly rates for this campaign is $250.00 (if you set up the subscription data base on your website); if Phoenix Broadcast sets up the subscription operation, add $300.00 a month. Contact Dan Kiburz 727-557-6092 or e-mail

Internet Broadcasting Will Never Be The Same



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