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Laurie has a show on a broadcast Internet station; she is on Facebook, LinkedIn and  Twitter. Her Internet show has over two hundred thousand listeners a month. Dave's show is also on an Internet broadcast channel but he is also on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But Dave has over two and a half million listeners.

How does that happen?

Dave is also on radio

What are you doing to get the edge on your competition?


Vignettes will open great new opportunities for you.


-Vignettes are broadcast on week days. Radio stations have ten times as many listeners on weekdays. Because they are broadcasted on weekdays, they are played during some of the most popular radio shows. You will have exposure to the largest audiences in the industry.

-Vignettes generate the most affiliates in the least amount of time.                                                                                        

-Unlike a commercial, with a vignette, you are established as an expert in your field. 

-They can be played on virtually any radio station even if the station is not a talk or news talk format. A lot of music stations will pick up vignettes.        -Stations need to cover many of their local breaks from different networks. They need something that will hold a listeners interest through the break. I have had numerous Program Directors at radio stations tell me, "I'll take all the vignettes I can get". 

-In many cases, stations will use the vignettes as a revenue source by selling an adjacency with a local sponsor.

Vignettes not only expanse your influence but also creates two ways to generate revenue.

First - there is strength in numbers. On average each affiliate on your network is worth at least $5.00 for each time a commercial is played on that station. 50 (stations) X $5.00 = $250.00 for a commercial played on the network each day. That equals $1,250.00 a week or (at least) $5,461.00 a month.

Secondly – Your website should be set up to generate revenue. After all one of the major purposes of a vignette is to drive traffic to your website.

Phoenix Broadcasting has been able to generate a rare vignette package for you.

-Your vignettes on 50 stations.                                                                                                                                           -Your banner with a link to your website on a website that receives over a million hits a month (normal price for a banner on that site $2,500.00 a month).                                                                                                                                       -A link to your website on my website that receives between 7,000 and 14,000 hits a day (normal price for banner on my site $500.00 a month).                                                                                                                                                       -My company will handle an affiliate relation’s champagne to increase your network by clearing more stations for your vignettes.

For $1,400.00  a month.

My company will handle all the distribution of your vignettes to stations and provide affidavits for each month’s performance.

  CONTACT DAN KIBURZ TODAY FOR PRICE AND AVAILABILITY AT 727-557-6092 or e-mail dan@phoenixbroadcastconsultants.com



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