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XOVA – Just featured June 5th 2013 as Winners of Ultimate Musicians on BEAT 100 XOVA just featured on NBC TV in USA on the Jimmy Lloyd Singer Songrwiters showcase. XOVA have just won a place at the massive ISLE of WIGHT Festival 2013 as one of the best of 2700 unsigned bands in the UK who entered XOVA’s new soon to be released album is the finest British POP reggae album since UB40 released Signing off – Mike Davies [ Brumbeat ] But who are XOVA…. When the first thrilling wave of racially diverse roots-reggae and ska bands burst out of the Midlands in the late 1970s and revolutionised Britain’s musical and cultural landscape, the country was facing economic depression, massive social unrest, a lack of faith in the political system and, come 1982, an overseas crisis and a pointless war in The Falklands. It seems that little has changed in the interim. From Birmingham, numbering six in their ranks, X.O.V.A. are multi-racial, multi-generational masters of a vibrant and muscular rocking-roots sound that harks back to the sound and vision of the past, fired up by social and political unrest issues as well as affairs of the heart. But they are also the sound of 2013, fusing their rock-reggae base with the breadth of the modern world - ska, pop, dubstep, blues, Motown and folk, infused with protest and pain, but also hope. 2013 see’s them appearing on TV in the USA, as NBC TV NEW YORK flew into film them in December 2012 for filming early 2013, and more UK support slots with The Spin Doctors, The Beat and The Selector confirmed in between there own dates, . They have also just completed filming a movie based on the infamous NO11 Bus route and the many musical influences that have inspired the band along the route. The film features cameos from the likes of UB40, THE BEAT, WONDERSTUFF, FUZZBOX, MUSICAL YOUTH and many more, this will be released early in 2013 and accompanied by 11 webisodes on the bands website The last release THE SOHO RD SESSIONS ,came out on Itunes Late 2012 and has the lead track of 9 LIVES which is accompanied by a quality video directed by Alex Kyrou [ Tim Burton asst ] this has helped get the band NATIONAL UK RADIO on BBC 2 [ Alex Lester ] and BBC6 [ Tom Robinson ] where Tom commented ‘This Is one of the tightest bands I have heard in a very Long time‘. Regional Radio’s such as BBC WM  INTRODUCING announced them as ‘BEING ON THE CUSP OF BREAKING THRU‘ in 2013  ‘Q RADIO’, SCRATCH Radio, and many others now coming on board to support, including some great press from the likes of ECHOES MUSIC MAGAZINE [ UKs Essential Black music monthly } who rave about the band . The New single Little Lion is out in June 2013 in Aid of Crohns & Colitis UK Charity as the song was written about Wayne’s { lead vox] sister who suffers from the disease, this will be the officially endorsed single by the charity this year and Wayne and his sister feature in a special video for the campaign, with Wayne singing and talking about this tragic disease. Debut album “Synchronise Your Leader’s” is due to released in the spring 2013 on there own label Stratosphere Music Ltd 


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