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Earl and Sarah’s goal is to preach the Gospel in these last days to a lost and dying world and lost souls for the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior . Earl and Sarah have been married for over 30 years. Earl Compton was born in Mississippi and raised in Alabama.  He worked the cotton fields as a young boy and in a bakery as a young man.  He joined the National Guard at 14, US Navy at 17, and drove a truck for the 42 years. Sarah Compton was born in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania a community. Sarah spent 2 years with WAC and after her service, spent the next 42 years as an accountant. 


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We get you strong here on globasat.It is great to hear real true Bibleministry. My family and I always enjoy "Take Time for Jesus." Hassan Fes, Morocco

We are celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus and it is the reason for this season. Best wishes for you and your ministry. Y'all are in our prayers. Linda

I have so much to learn. It is not enough just to believe. We must really know the Bible so that we can live to God’s expext- ation for us. Joy

It is just so important to learn all possible about the Lord.  I think he wants that for us.  I read my Bible every day and I always listen to your broadcast.  It keeps me ever growing closer to Him. Blessings, Sandra

To the Comptons Mission: My name is Isabella I listen to you in my home Gothenburg, Sweden. God is so good and he is very important in my life. I am glad to hear your messages.

I have become such a fan of your broadcast. You have taken my Bible education up a notch. Thank you, Pauline

This is a time of Thanksgiving as we should be every day. I am truly thankful for all God has done. Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving. Lisa

I have started listening to your broadcast and am filled with the Holy Spirit. God bless you as you teach His Word. Meredith (Manchester, England)

God’s Word is never changing and it is a valid today as it was 2000 years ago. Bless you as you deliver His important message. Elaine

Dear Evangelists Compton, I was wandering lost in the world of man for so many years, but at my very lowest point the Lord reached for me and saved me. Nothing has been the same since and I am so grateful. I just want to glorify the Lord in all I do. Brenda

Just wanted to say hi. I haven’t written before, I haven’t written before, but listen all the time. Big blessings your way. Janise PS-I listen to you on Crane Digital

Saving souls for Jesus. That is what my life is about and I know that is it for you too. We have to keep strong and keep working for the Lord Jesus Christ! Delores

I really focus my mind when your broadcast is on. The best thinking I can do is about Jesus.  He is my savior and he has a personal experience for me. Bless you, Samantha

I am Ricardo and I write to you today from Lima, Peru.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Compton, Your excellent program has given me a better way in this earthly life.I have a improved and optimistic outlook thanks to you. Bless you, Melinda

Listening to you on my SatCeiver in Dublin, Ireland. You have strengthened my commitment to Christ! I listen to your Take Time for Jesus programme each week with the enthusiasm for new discoveries in the Word of our Lord. Bless your ministry! Devon


My coworkers and I listen to you on our break and I am glad my boss permits it.  The word of God always makes the day better. Simon

Dear Evangelists Compton, I lost my Bible last week.  Misplaced it actually and I was so upset.  This was not the family Bible, but one that I used to take notes on and underline passages that really spoke to me.  I was looking everywhere for it.  I prayed God would help me find it before your broadcast so I could follow your lesson.  My friend Alice phoned yesterday to tell me that I had left it at her house and I was so relieved.  Thank the Lord. In his glorious path, Pat

Thank you for a lesson today that I really needed. Bless you in this fine mission. Rhonda

I hope I get to hear this broadcast again. You have a very powerful message! Blessings in the one way, Janice

Your broadcast is fixed on my iPhone so I never miss you.  I always "Take Time" for Him! Blessings, Carol

I am thinking today of my parents who passed many years ago and of the effort they took to make sure I came to know the Lord our God. I have so much to be grateful and it all comes from knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My parents saw to that. I wish they were with me now and could be listening to your broadcast. Judith Reno , NV

The Bible exercises my mind and opens me to the possibilities God lays out for me. I read and I listen to you and I get the help I need to have good insight into the Holy scriptures.   Blessings, Laura Birmingham, Al

God works to help those that believe in him. We listened to your broadcast together tonight. Willa – Toronto

I listen you on the ROKU each week with my family at my home in Cali, Colombia. I have gratitude to the God the father of us all for the good things of this life and I look to my eterna life in heaven with him. Dayana

I have listened to your Take Time for Jesus program for quite some time and I am always getting a blessing in your teaching.  This is essential in this world today when the power of evil is so great.  Otto from Eisenstad, Austria

Listening to you as friends are gathering this weekend to observe the holiday.  A time of God and country. Marie

Hello and bless your work in the Lord’s kingdom ! Thank you, Patricia Gainesville , Ga

 I wish I could attend your church. Bless you fine ministry! Darnisha Nassau-Bahamas

I have only a basic education, but I have found that studying the Bible and knowing God’s word is my direction in my life. Your broadcast is a blessing to me as I follow this journey set out my my God. Thank you, Dorothy, Madison , WI

There is power in the blood and that is what we are celebrating this Easter!  The salvation that is given us through the blood of Jesus and his resurrection!! Lisa, Birmingham , Ala

The Lord is my shepherd.  It was never more true in my life because I realize the turmoil in this country and in the world and I can put my complete trust and confidence only in the Lord himself! Bless you.  Praise the good Lord!!! Louise Manchester , England

God is a constant force at work in my life.  All I have to do is look around and see his creation and to think about the many wonderful things that have happened in my life. His love for us is unwavering and that puts such happiness in my life. In His way of love, Patricia Hattiesburg , Mississippi

Dear Pastors Compton, Maybe I can come to your church someday.  That would be a terrific experience because I enjoy your broadcast so much.  My sister and mother listen with me every week.  Joy

To Take Time for Jesus: The road is long and I have come so far in my Christian journey, but I have a long way to go. Jesus is by my side and I am helped along through your good broadcast.  It is through your work that I am making such progress. Blessings in his work, Maria, Spain

I have had a glorious day with my family and all the grands.  As I listened to your broadcast I thought about all that God has done for me. His blessings upon your work! Brenda, London , UK

My name is Clariece I like your broadcast a lot and I have a group of friends that listens too. Praise the Lord!

 Listened to you for the first time today. Great broadcast. Will keep listening. Taylor

I was away from the church for a long time, but I hungered for the comfort that only Jesus Christ can provide.  I am happy to say that through the encouragement of friends and family I am walking again in the light of Jesus’s love.  Bless you for your excellent broadcast. Dom V

The SAVIOR saves! That's why I "Take Time" for HIM with you every Sunday. It is so importantand yet so many miss heaven because they have missed out on Jesus! I am so glad you help people to find HIM. Thank you, Pauline

My life has to be all about God.  MY CREATOR AND SAVIOR! Thank you forteaching the holy word the way that God would like everyone to.  George at Charleston, NC

I have given my life to Christ (and you helped). I started listening to your broadcast a while ago with my sister.  She eventually got me back into church. I asked forgiveness of my sins and I accepted Christ. This is today a new life for me. Bless you both and your ministry. – Kate

I am Olive and I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I am blessed with hearing your broadcast and I want to tell my friends about you. Thanks for what you are doing. This is good work for the Lord Jesus.

I am listening to you today by way of Grace Digital and this new receiver brings you into my home and I am grateful for always being able to hear you teach the mighty word of the Lord. Alison 

Finding Jesus early in my life helped me through a tough childhood and adolescence. God has always been with me. HE is the secret to everything! Lisbeth, Detroit MI

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!! Bless the Compton ministry!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel the holy spirit working strong in my life. Bless you because you have help me to be sensitive to how God works and does for us. Gwen, Memphis

Some of the people at my work are doubters if not out right unbelievers. I worry for them because I don’t want them to burn in the fires of hell. There have been bad things in my life but none could be as bad as a death to hell.I ask God to watch over them and help them to see the light. Nance,  Birmingham AL

There are so many things I am thankful for I this past year. 2017 holds such promise for us all.  I pray for good things for you and the ministry!  Inez

I want to thank you for your Take Time for Jesus program.  Your true to the word broadcast has the power of the spirit we all need in our lives. From Osvaldo

THE WORD of GOD is my retreat.When the world gets be too much, I retreat into my Bible to study and there I receive the blessing of God’s peace that helps me get through the bad times. Thank you for your broadcast of encouragement. I listen to you on the GlobaSat service. It is very clear. Irina

I am thankful for the freedom of listening to real programs like yours in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for your work. Linda (and family)

The Savior is just that very thing --- the one who can save us from a world of sin. It makes me feel better to know that there are people like you who care enough to help others with their knowledge. You are a testament to that. I’m Melinda. I am in Mobile , Al.

I listened to Take Time today while visiting my daughter here in Honolulu. I was so amazed at being able to do that I just had to tell you. Blessings and aloha as they say here. Linda (usually listening in Chicago)

My name is Patty and I am a fan of your broadcast. I listen every week and I have gotten my husband to listen too. We thank you for this truthful approach to teaching. It makes us rich in the word of God.

"Take Time for Jesus" has become a habit for me. Bless you and your ministry for Jesus the Lord! Mary Jo – New Orleans

God bless you! I have been so enjoying your broadcast. Your messages are guided by the Holy Spirit right to my soul. Thank you.  Kate

I live in Hong Kong and I am thankful for your Christian program.  We live in a crazy society here and I am Calmed by the love of Jesus.  The biggest blessing of my life.  I always like your Take Time broadcast. Mok

I’m Mary Jo and I am a recovering alcoholic and I can thank Jesus for the recovery. He stepped in when I needed him most and he saved me from a certain death and eternity with the devil.  I will ALWAYS take time for Jesus!!

Great message on the broadcast tonight. Living in a blessed way for the Lord.  No other way to live in my thinking!Josh  in Toronto

Only a quick note to say how I like listening. Your program is a blessing for me. Ellen

I turn on the receiver just before your program so I don’t miss you. I want to say thank you for your outreach.  You teach and reassure me in the storms of this earthly life. My name is Alicia I live in Santiago de Cuba

My name is Carlos. I live in Mexico D.F. (City). We are blessed in receiving your broadcast with its strong message of Jesus Christ. This means so much in our lives.  Thanks you.

My name is Virginia.  I live in Toronto. I am a listener with my neighbor Sarah. We listen every week and rejoice in the miraclesof the Lord.

I am new to your program but I am liking what I hear because you stand for Jesus. I do too. Marie

Praises to Jesus. I want to sit in your congregation some day and hear you preach. The blessing is rich I Ida am sure. From Cedar Rapids , Iowa

Angels will greet us when we reach those pearly gates and we will live in the House of the Lord forever and ever. It is the promise that will not be broken.  It is what we trust in and know that God will deliver our salvation. The Lord is guiding me and I am his follower. IN that glorious way of Tomi Jo the Lord, from Dallas

My special appreciation for your message tonight. My heart was hungry for it! Blessings in the Lord. Tracy

I am thanking the Lord every single day. My wife has been cured of her cancer. We have prayed together every day and while we were listening to your broadcast and the prayer has made it all possible.  Her recovery is incredible. We are so thankful to the Lord Jesus for this miracle. So blessed, Jackson

I am getting good understanding through your ministry.  God wants us to know him and by Jesus Christ I am saved to become a growing servant of the Lord. Josefina Mexico City

I am so puzzled by the things happening in your country. You’ve got politicians and preachers that are preaching hate and terrible things, while idiots obsess over who’s in the bathroom stall next to you. This is just crazy.  These people need to do a serious examination of how JESUS taught us to live. Christ was about understanding and love and yet these people who today call themselves Christians are all about hatred.  I feel bad for them. In Christ’s way of love, Rhonda - London

To The Comptons: You have become my pastors on the radio since I have been stuck at home with a broken pelvis. It is comforting to listen to you and I am thankful that you are there.Many blessings on your ministry. Julia 

I am always thankful for the lessons God puts in my path.  Thank you for being God’s vessel of knowledge. Lucinda in Lima Peru

Liking your broadcast and listening for about three months.  God sent you into my life and my walk with Jesus. Sayed

I ask the holy spirit into my life I know God is with me and I can do for him.  He looks out for me and you and everyone who will accept Jesus as the savior. We all want to be with him and there is only one way!   I am Kim

    I listen with you on radio every week and I have to say that I have grown very much in my Christ-led life.  Letting Jesus pilot is the only way for me! You have become my radio friends. Thank you. ---- Julie 

Dear Brother and Sister Compton, I am a full-time Christian for a full-time God. I am truly grateful for all he does in my life and I want everyone to experience this too. Bless you and this outreach. Denise, Long Beach , CA

My name is Laura and I have been a listener of yours for a few months. I just want to tell you that I am

I have been receiving you of late on the satellite service and I enjoy the lessons of the Lord that you offer.  I live in  Dublin , Ireland and I enjoy telling others about Jesus the Lord, Son of God.  May his rich blessings be upon your ministry.  Dorothy

My name is Maria and I live in Mexico City We listen to you with the iPhone sometimes and other time on the computer at the home of my brother.

Praises be to God. He is my guide through this life. For God, I am the child and the student and he shows me the way! Blessings as you and I move along our paths with the Lord. Kim

Praises be to God.  He is my guide through this life.  For God, I am the child and the student and he shows me the way!


My name is Mary and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I was not raised Christian. So, I have learned about Christ after I became an adult. Your broadcast is proving very helpful to me. Thanks.


God is going to send his son Jesus back to us one day soon I believe.  We must be ready. Loiza In San Juan, Puerto Rico

This is not where I started, but it is closer to where I’m going to end up with the Lord!  I have learned a lot and I keep on learning as I study the Bible with you because I know that you know what you are talking about. In his way of true knowledge, I am Angela (a student in Bonn , Germany)

Mr. & Mrs. Compton, I pray the best for your ministry’s work in 2016! Bless you! Thelma. Long Beach, CA

It is always a spirit filled time when we are listening to your programme. It is a pleasure to hear the real scripture and taught as it should be. In Jesus’ way, Emily writing from Manchester, England

This program is like a good lesson for me every week. Bless you in your outreach to humanity and the poor lost souls the need Jesus! Sally in St. Louis

Me and my friends really like to hear you. We listen with great pleasure.  Thank you for your good and quality work.  Keep up the great work.ood luck and prosperity. Your fan. Myroslav, Vul and Ivano from Ukraine

From: Juanita, May God continue to Bless this ministries, now and forever

This is for The Comptons. I only had a minute, but wanted to say hello and how we listen to you with enthusiasm for the Lord! Bless you!  Dina in Birmingham

I have been sick and in hospital for pneumonia.  I missed your program because no radio was permitted.  I am thankful to be better and to be home again and able to hear you this week.  Blessings, Roberta (Liverpool, UK)

I am Greg and I listen to you in Hilo, Hawaii. Blessed in hearing your broadcast. Thanks so much.

We receive you here on the ROKU and it is great to know that you are going to be there week after week.  I listen with my mother and her friends in the nursing home.  We all enjoy hearing what you talk about. In Christ’s Love,  Jenny

 My name is Janet and I am a student in London. It is great to hear your voice from home and to know that the work of the Lord is going strong!

 To the Comptons: I’m Kelly Tarpley. I recently moved to Birmingham and a member of my church told me about your broadcast. I enjoy listening and I feel that I can really grow in the Lord this way.  Bless you!

I have that new blue tooth system in my car, so when you are on, I can just have on my iPhone and listen through the radio system in my car. It is a delight in the Word of the Lord Jesus. Bless you, Jane, Canton OH

My name is Janice and I am from San Diego where I listen with my family every week. I was lucky to be raised in this wonderful Christian home and I know that is not the case for all. God’s blessings as you reach out to those who are among the lost.

I was blessed with the chance to hear you and I enjoyed a lot your program. In the peace of Jesus. Ann, Macon GA 

We receive you on the ROKU service. This is a good program ror all Thanks, to hear. Darla

The pleasure of hearing such Bible teaching is wonderful to know is available.  My family was listen with me and I am true blessed to have this cristian family that love God. We say prayer for you and tell our friends about what you do. Marisol, Lima Peru

My name is Jennifer.  It has been a journey to reach the goals that Jesus has for me. I am on the right path now.  I know it.  Jesus has always had confidence in me and I know he is with me in everything I do. Listening to your broadcast I am always aware of how much I need to know the Lord. Bless you in this.

Hello,My name is Victoria, I live far away from you in Belarus, but in spite of that I know about you and regular listen with you family,your Radio station on the Internet for several years .On I really love .Hopefully and more you will delight us with their interesting Christian programs. 

The Way Jesus is The one way!! I like you program and your good teaching. Maria, El Camino

Praise Jesus, Praise God! I was praising Jesus today as I listen you broadcast. Maria I live in Cali, Colombia

I smile with the joy of the Lord when I listen to you.  It is the wonder of knowing HIM!  Melinda, Dallas


 Dear Brother and Sister Compton,  It is good to hear you again.  To know Jesus to to love him because Jesus really is the love in this world.  I am surely blessed in having known Jesus and to have him in my life for a long time.  Not all are so fortunate, and I am grateful that you reach out to them. Evelyn

I found out about you when I was visiting a friends of mine in New Jersey . We listened to you together and he told me I could get you here in London. I am receiving this broadcast on my globasat and it is one of my favorites. Thank you. Gregory

It is so helpful to me to be hearing you. I was a good student in school and now I want to be a student for Christ, knowing all I can to be ready for the day he takes me home. Thanks to the Comptons. Blessings in Christ Jesus, Mil

My husband has been a fan of yours and I have just started listening.  He’s not much on writing, but I wanted to let you know that we are really grateful for what you are doing for our Savior!  Tina

For Evangelists Comptons, In the light of Jesus is where I want to dwell.  It is there that the real Christian exists. Knowing the Lord is the only way to heaven and that is my destination. Blessings,

Hi Brother and Sister Compton.  I always listen and forever rejoice in your work. NYC

Dear Compton, I have listen y'all a long time. It is my favorite program and I am now having my whole family listen to you. Blessings in the Way of Our Lord

We have had some very bad weather this year and it makes me think it is a sign from God.  I worry.  The last days are coming and I want everybody I know to be ready.

I thank the God above all the time for the miracles he has brought to my life.  I have my health again after a long battle with cancer.

Now my time to speak up for Jesus and all he has done in my life. I want everyone to know him the way I do now because the other way is so terrible.

My family has all been together this weekend.  Very nice and a great time in the Lord.  Bless y'all.  We listened to you together.

Blessings on you and this ministry of Christ’s love. There is nothing better that to know the Lord our God! London, England

I enjoy your the Compton's broadcasts.  You folks help me out of my sadness and into the light of Jesus! 

I am praising Jesus and thanking him for the great blessings in my life I love to hear you folks in this program.  The truth of Jesus’ life must be heard and spread to those who need it so badly.

I am living in Perth , Australia and I listen to you on the Globasat.  We have always liked good Christian programming, but your broadcast touches our lives so very much.  Bless you and yours,

There are many struggles that I have gone through. But God has always given me a solution and he can do that for anyone who calls on him. It is easy for believers to do. I pray for those who do not know him. Toronto

I was sinking fast. Very deep in sin and things that now I can’t even believe I was a part of. It is better now. My life has changed and I have Jesus to thank for that. I like listening to your broadcast.  You give me new understanding and it is making things better for me. Denver

To the Compton Ministers I don’t want take much of your time, but I want to say hello and thanks for being on radio when I need you and God so much.

My family here in Haiti have endured many bad times and we are still optimistic. Because of God we know things will be OK. We study the Bible and we listen to your program and we hope to escape this misery with the help of God.  He is the only answer.

I cannot believe what I have been seeing on the TV. All this conflict with the Russians. I thought the cold war was over. It is frightening. The US needs to mind its own business and quit trying to rule the world. We must pray for our leaders and the war mongers among them Raleigh , NC

This was a strong message today. The spirit was in it and it was a good blessing. We enjoy your broadcast. Jackson Mississippi

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Compton, I live in Dothan, Alabama. It is a true blessing to hear you on radio week after week. I am learning a lot from your work. Thanks a lot.

I have the iPhone with me every time you are on so I can listen while I work. Keep on keeping on for Jesus.

Thank God for good people like you folks who care to reach other people with the mighty word

Thank you. Mexico City

Dear Pastor Copton, I only want to say hello and to tell you that my family are listening to you. You have brought the joy of the Lord into our lives and that is be big change from the fighting that used to go on in our home. Bless you in a big way!

Dear Pastor Compton, It is difficult for me to say how long I have had a problem with drink. I never thought of myself as an alcoholic. However, I have recently noticed that my friends are expressing concern and I know that I have to do something. I can stop it. I am sure of that. It will take strength and determination and the help of God almighty. If it is appropriate, I would appreciate your prayers. Thank you. I am from New Zealand

Dear Brother and Sister ComptonI have been hurt by people so many times, but the one who has never let me down is Jesus. He has my vote of confidence all the way around. He is the miracle man. Blessings in your marvelous ministry. New London


I love Christmas. Not because of all the commercialization that has happened, but because it is the time we celebrate the birth of the Christ! Merry Christmas to The Compton Family from ours!

I thank God for this life every day.  Sure I have my ups and downs like everybody else, but I know Him and He makes it all better every day.  Little Rock

I live in Mexico City and I have a ministry to the poor. We have a meeting every week in my home and we listen to your program for part of our study. I hope that this is ok we have a true love for Jesus and you speak right to us.

We have been listening to your program and my husband and I decided we should write to you and tell you that we enjoy praying and learning about Jesus. This is such good work! 

"I listen every week in San Juan, Puerto Rico with my sister. We have told all family about you and they are listen also in Ponce.Dios le bendiga!"

"We want to say hello from our home in Milwaukee.  It is turning cold here and yet our hearts are warmed by the love of the Lord.  What could be better." 

"I appreciated your message today. Sometimes it seems like you know exactly what I need to learn from the Lord."

"Dear Evangelists Comptons,
It is unbelievable what is going on in the government of this country.  I think it is corruption just like there is in all the other countries of this evil world.  Until the recent years I thought the USA was different, but in light of the way congress behaves, I don’t think so.  They are all in the pockets of big business and that is always a bad thing.  We must pray for them." Jackson MS

"Dear Evangelists Compton,
I had a extra moment and I wanted to say hello and thank you for this program that lifts up my spirits in the Lord’s word. Bless you and all connected with it!" Buena Vista, GA

"My best friend gave me a computer and at first it scared me to death.  I didn’t know what to do, but she showed me so many things.  One of them was how to listen to you and I am really enjoying and being blessed. Thank you and I pray for your continued success in this ministry."  Tampa

“Glory be to Jesus. The Father is so good to me. I am into my Bible and I love knowing all I can about the Lord my Jesus! Enjoying your broadcast”
 London, UK

"I must thank you for the strong way you teach the Good News! We all need to hear what’s good for us-----The Compton Ministry is doing that all the time. You are a blessing."

"To be pleasing to my God is all that I desire.  I think that he wants us to really get to know him and have a close relationship through the faith. You are really helping me in this. Thanks"

"It is always a good time in the Lord listening to you in these messages from the Lord."

"Continue, Continue, Continue! Amen! in, by, & through "CHRIST JESUS!" 

"Hello Comptons and congrats on
this good program. Blessings," Atlanta

  I am thankful to God for the healing he is giving me. I listen to you all the time and you give me a thorough Bible study that stays in my head. Bless you and Mrs. Compton." from Portland, Oregon

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Compton, Not since I was a little girl have I experienced such gains in Bible learning.Bless you."

"To the Compton's Ministry, It didn’t take long for me to realize this was the right station for me to listen. Your program tonight was a high point."

"I like your program and I receive you every week. The Lord is working on me through your ministry. That is a fortunate thing for me.  Bless you." from London

“Take Time for Jesus has been a big blessing to me.  You come on at the right time to fit into my work schedule and I need continuous guidance in my study. I think God wants us all to know Him and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Thank you very much.”

“The bad in this world that fills the news every night can be overcome with faith and knowledge of the Father. I know this is what you support and I am glad that you are reaching out to the lost in this troubled world.  We all need to know all we possibly can about God. Jesus works in our lives and Jesus SAVES!!!!!!  I really like your broadcasts.”

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