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SoulheavY Band  Songs 


Alive & Kick'n


SoulheavY Band


Hard Rock Band out of Oxford County…. Getting prepared to rip your faces off with pure gut pounding Loud and Proud kick-ass in your face Rock & Roll. SoulheavY® comes out from the ashes of Alchemy Chance® Band originally formed in 1997 Now, in 2009 PJ Palmer one of the founding members of Alchemy Chance® is back and ready to drop the hammer once again with his new project SoulheavY®. SoulheavY® is TeeJay Aziyen  Lead Vocals, Brian Gartley (BEATZ) on Drums,Ryan Doan (spider) on Bass Guitar,PJ Palmer on Guitar. With a raw power to commit to excellent song writing and a knack to write very catchy riffs.SoulheavY® will be a band to watch out for and listen to.The Band feels the music has come full circle and will have a strong 80’s and 90’s edge with a modern twist and chemistry.

Soulheavy Band members

PJ Palmer - Guitars / backing vocals, Ryan Doan - Bass /backing vocals, Brian Gartley - Drums, Tee Jay Azyien - Vocals, Ryan Doan - Bass

My name is Ryan Doan, I was born on March 2nd 1978. I live in London Ont. Canada, My favorite food is Italian food and I love to watch horror movies, the scarier the better. I listen to allot of different kinds of music but metal (Metallica) would have to be my favorite. I have been playing bass for about 15-20 years, I just love playing in a band with a sea of people in the crowed wanting more. Other bands I have played for are Chromachine (London), Rusty Chains (London), M.O.D (London), and G.N.G (London). The most memorable moment would have to be the first time on stage and the rush to play in front of a live audience. My goals in the music buisness is to be able to write and perform my own music and make a decent living. Music is a passion of mine and will be for as long as I live.

Brian Gartley - Drums
aka. Beatz .I am 44 going on 29 yrs young. I love my Roast Beef dinners and all the fixins. The movies i like are action packed from start to Finnish. My favorite music to listen to is Metal, Blues and Rock. Over 23 sum years ago I started playing drums for fun & now I Live, Breathe & Eat to Drum Music. My influences for playing are ME, Myself, and I. the past Bands I have played in or for Diablo Rise (Toronto), Malpractice(Calgary), Red Handed (Long Beach CA). One of the greatest moments in my music span was the first time I ever took my drums to set up under the Colored Cans along with the fog machine and played while the audience screamed for more! My goals for being a musician are very simple. To live my dream and become a solid touring professional drummer & have my family with me every step of the way! OH! And to be able to quit my day job!

PJ Palmer - Guitar
MY name is Peter John Palmer aka. PJ. I was born on November 6th 1968 in Windsor Ontario.
MY favorite food of ‘ALL TIME' is Italian. Due to the fact I grew up with a family restaurant pizzeria. I love movies and theatre. I love to watch Action packed movies and Comic book villain/superhero type movies as well. My favorite music is my own Band Soulheavy and I am very proud of that. But, I also like Blues, Southern Rock and R&B Soul music. I first learned the guitar at the age of 9 by my father. Unfortunately that didn't last long. But, not much later at the age of 14 my Uncle and my friends got me hooked again to guitar. My first real live performance was when we had my grade 11 assembly playing our Canadian anthem ‘Oh Canada' on my guitar. My reason I made the decision to pursue and play in a band is because, Ever since seeing the Canadian Rock Band BTO (Hit song; Taking Care Of Business) with my parents and my family at the age of 9 in Windsor, Ontario. I have always wanted to be in a Rock Band. I have played in many bands in the past. But some of my most influential past bands and memorable bands to mention are Black Ball (London), Steel Rose (Toronto),Age of Aggression (Toronto) , Max 5 (London), Unsung Hero (London), Alchemy Chance Band (Belmont). One of my fondest memories was having Myles Goodwyn (April Wine) join our band on stage for a song. Also I have a list long of supporting past shows with some of the best bands in the music business today such as, April Wine, Killer Dwarfs, Brighton Rock, Lee Aaron, Treble Charger, Barstool Prophets, and Sloan to name a few. And realizing there is nothing I want to do more then strap on my six string guitar and Rock Out! One of my biggest goals is to play whatever happens to be the largest festival at the time around the world. That means we will be sharing the same stage as some of the biggest and most influential bands in the business and possibly the world…

Teejay Aziyen - Lead Vocals-NEW Singer - Just Hired in Soulheavy Born April 22 1986, From Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. Studied in Graphic Arts, Parkour, Auric Vision. Started singing at a young age... Strongly influences from his piers. His father is a professional Singer in the Bollywood Music Industry. Musical Influences,  Trapt, Linkin Park, Crossfade,

Songwriters / Composers

All music is a joint collaboration

The first CD some were written by Corey Gray (Demo release Singer)


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