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The House P. I., the House Private Investigator is a show all about houses, from condo’s to mega mansions, three hundred year old homes to brand new and every type of home in between. The show will enlighten it’s listeners about residential housing issues, from first time home purchasers, seasoned home buyers and owners, to renters thinking about purchasing a home. The House P. I. will cover a wide range of issues and topics from home purchasing, mortgage issues, home inspections, home maintenance, environmental issues, to energy efficiency. All manner of topics involving present day housing issues will be covered.

Each week a new topic will be discussed. A cadre of guest experts will be joining our host, the House P. I., Reggie Marston and interviewed on their area of expertise. The House P. I. is not your standard, run of the mill, how to, “DIY” call in show. The House P. I. is an insightful, in-depth radio show that will cover pertinent, timely topics affecting home buyers, home sellers, and home owners today.

The House P. I. show is produced and recorded at the Fairfax Public Access studios in Fairfax, Virginia.










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