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Michael King's "Home Talk™" first aired on WSMB 1350am, a news/talk radio station, in New Orleans on January 24, 2004. Michael King, a state-licensed general contractor, was the show's first host and original creator. The home improvement industry the state of Louisiana was basically unregulated and had no accountability for it's contractors. The home improvement industry was #1 in consumer complaints, and fraud and scams were on the rise, costing consumers in this state millions of dollars yearly. Michael wanted to bring in a live, call in talk show to the radio that dealt with these contracting issues and introduce awareness and legislation to regulate these unlicensed, uninsured contractors. The original format was for consumers looking for solutions to current home problems and advice and ideas on home improvement projects to call in and talk to Michael King for straight answers to their home improvement problems. The objective of the show is to educate and inform the listening audience.

In May of 2004, different home improvement experts were invited to appear on the show, giving the listening audience a broader range of topics to help them with their particular problems. This new formatted idea allowed the caller the opportunity to speak with these experts directly.

"Home Talk™" airs each week across the entire state of Louisiana and nationwide on the GCN Broadcasting Network. You can listen to the show on the web at each Saturday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm Cenral time. "Home Talk" would like to thank our many sponsors and YOU, the listening audience, for your continued help and support in making this show one of the top radio shows on the air today. We hope this show will continue to help and guide you so you won't become a victim of home improvement fraud and faulty work by an incapable contractor.





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