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Captain Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Biblical Linguistics and Iconology and has been studying and teaching the Bible of over 45 years now. Dan has appeared on Cornerstone Christian TV and on ‘I’m Just Sayin’ on TCT TV network where as well as weekly Shabbat teachings on Dan has written extensive apologetic books on the Messianic Jewish Faith and has contended for the Hebrew faith of Yahshua with such noted theological proponents as Bob Anderson. Daniel’s Hebrew name is Daniyah. Dan published a collection of songs in 1993 that had a #33 on the CCM countdown with Bob Sour as well. Author of several books on History, Money, and other subjects, Dan did a translation of the Bible which you can get at or through links at his ministry web site. Dan also has a Messianic and Hebrew roots social network at FAITH RADIO NOW SYNDICATED ON WRBG 107.9 FM in Millsboro Delaware and on HEBREW NATION RADIO KPJC 1220 AM Salem OR and WWPR 1490 AM in Tampa Bay FL,  on both coasts of the USA has proven to build on the previously syndicated shows of Daniel Merrick to make him the “Distinctive voice of Daniel Walter Merrick” as his trademarked personality and sound. Author and creator of and syndicated on several internet feeds, Dan appears on SHEMA AM with co-host Maria Merola daily at 7 AM PT 10 AM EST and on FAITH RADIO on Wednesdays at 5 PM PT which is rebroadcast on syndicated stations around the world and on the web.Below is a small sample of the over 50 awards and letters of commendation that Pastor Dan has received in Education, Service, and Training from both sides of the desk.

Dan worked with several local radio stations and held a few different jobs before joining the US Army in 1979. While in the Army Dan completed his basic training at Fort Dix in New Jersey and moved on to Aberdeen Proving Grounds for advanced training. There Dan received Solider of the month and graduated at the top of his class. After a tour in Germany and traveling around Europe, Dan went on to Join the Ohio National Guard and get his Bachelor degree in Psychology. Dan was commissioned an officer in 1982 and went to Fort Knox for training. While at Fort Knox Kentucky Dan attended the University of Louisville, Kentucky University, and several other special training schools. Dan got his Masters Degree in Vocational Education while in Kentucky. In 1990 Dan was ordained a minister.

Dan has received the Ronald Regan Business Achievement Metal from the US Congress and served on the President’s Council on Small Business. Dan’s motivational speeches and provocative inspirational stories seem to bring a new light on the business and economic environment that has created a demand for his insights into unique prospective on modern corporate Americana. His sales and motivational presentations have riveted and entertained audiences with profound relevance of achievement science. Dan also is a media news technical advisor on military affairs and operations. As the President of RDJ Catalog, Inc. Dan inspires others as a consultant on business, investment, real estate, motivation, sales, and achievement. Dan is now writing his next book Entitled ‘Knockin Doors’ which is a biographical fiction. Dan can be heard on the Radio on WRBG 99.5 FM in Millsboro Del. and weekday mornings on KPJC 1220 AM co-hosting with Maria Merola on “Shema AM” Hebrew Nation Radio. Dan’s show “Faith Radio” is also rebroadcast on WYHW FM Dan is also seen on TV at www.YahsWayTV.orgSunday nights at 9PM. Eastern Time with his co-host Maria Merola. Dan’s inspirational preaching, teaching, and ministry has become a favorite of over 500,000 subscribers on his weekly podcasts and events around the world.  To Have Dan at your event or for interview



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