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Dr. Barile is a leading authority in Alternative Natural Drug-Free Healing.
He has a PhD in Nutrition and  Holistic Health, with 45 years of hands-on experience helping and teaching people how to get well naturally without drugs.

Dr. Barile is the Director of the Natural Health and Wellness Center in Tampa, Florida, where he hosts free weekly “Lunch & Learn” seminars on issues concerning public health, alternative healing principles and the hazards of prescription drugs.

Health: When every organ and system of the body is in balance and harmony with itself, creating a state of optimum innate function... both physically and mentally.

We offer a totally new approach to improving and maintaining health. We call it "Find The Health Within Yourself". It's a philosophy for health and well-being that can show you how to lose weight or recover from a long-standing illness through natural means. Nutrition, diet and a healthy attitude are major keys to losing weight and improving your health.


What We Offer...

  • Complete and personalized holistic care to help you regain your health and lose weight.
  • Friendly, helpful, experienced staff.
  • A nutritional analysis to determine which bodily systems are breaking down; and what nutritional supplements will correct, support and regenerate healthy cells.
  • Bio-Energetics: a procedure that balances the natural healing energies of the living body.
  • Lectures and health classes that help you take charge of your own health by eating right, thinking right and taking responsibility.

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